Month: November 2017

Brief Guide to Learn About Different Kinds of Spy Phone

A spy phone has the ability to track the activities that happen around a person. This can be done in the form of video and audio recording.  Good use of it can help you save from malicious intent of people and risky circumstances. Spy phones are available in several types. Knowledge about it would help you find the best one.

What is a spy phone?                                                             

It is spy equipment that works to evaluate a place or a person covertly. This phone is available in different forms.

An ordinary cell phone with inbuilt spy software

Nowadays many cell phones come with pre-loaded software applications that work as a spy. This software is powerful in allowing one to monitor all their activities like text messages, voice and video call done on the phone.

A Phone with a listening device

The other name of this phone is a hidden voice recorder. There are spy phones on the market where a phone is attached to a listening device. Such phones work as a recorder. These phones look as an ordinary mobile phone.

A spy phone as a hidden camera

Such phones can record video and can even take pictures in a disguised way. These phones look like a regular cell phone with superior video capturing abilities and still camera. Advanced models of this phone also come with an audio recording ability.


Be legal and ethical when using a spy phone. One should always use monitoring for good reasons like protecting children as well as your property.

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