Category: Mobile Applications

22 May

Designing Retail Mobile Apps

With majority of the population shifting their usage from the desktop to mobiles, consumers expect the experience of working with these apps to be as smooth as working on a desktop. With the limitation of size and processors used in phones, web designers have to counter these hurdles with a more realistic and consumer oriented approach. The app will involve a lot of conversions, picture uploads, feedbacks and ratings. Everything on the page has to be precise or else it will incur huge losses to the client.

Give the consumer every detail possible for the product. It may be reviews, price conversions, ratings and even different picture angles. The layouts of the page should be very precise and consumer friendly. Considering everything to be done on a single dab of the screen, select the best font size and pixel picture for better viewing. Every select button should be big enough and clear so that with just a touch a selection can be made.